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Choosing to work with Total HR Solutions does not only give you the opportunity to alleviate the burden of managing HR in your business, but also gives you the chance to stay in touch with the latest hot topics. Total HR Connect keeps you up to date with the latest legislative & compliance changes, health care reform, wellness and more, while conveniently granting you access to a library of HR policies & forms (hiring, recruiting, employee handbook, etc.) that can be accessed at any time!

Our HR Professional team is in constant contact with you by posting periodic updates directly associated with you and your industry. The information is endless as we provide you with the opportunity to connect with a network of professionals around the country to ask questions, obtain & share information, and get involved in community forums.

Develop a Wellness Program with Total HR Connect

Wellness programs are a growing phenomenon in the workplace and do not only directly benefit the employers’ bottom line but also positively influences the employees’ health & productivity. Employers typically value wellness programs as they have become admirable to prospective employees and help reduce employee turnover & absenteeism. Developing a wellness program with Total HR Connect and our HR team is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse! A wellness program can be as simple as sending out flyers or wellness newsletters to purchasing additional programs such as walking or smoking cessation programs, stress reduction classes, weight reduction classes and more!