HR Subscriptions

In addition to the vast amount of services we provide, Total HR Solutions is proud to offer various subscription options that will help keep you up to date with changing times and also give you access to unlimited resources. By giving you access, you will not need to purchase or own these resources, which we hope in turn eliminates operating costs for you and your company.

Total HR Connect

Your one-stop business resource solution that further eliminates the burden of your HR Responsibilities. Gain access to an unlimited library of resources, tools, sample policies & forms, OSHA log and more, while having the availability to communicate & share information with other professionals in your industry.

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Handbook Program

Our team of HR Professionals will work diligently to create a legally compliant handbook for you and your company by utilizing the latest technology & legal review. We will assure that your handbook meets all the mandate Employer Regulations and best HR Practices. By subscribing to this program, you will also receive updated Handbooks as required in additional to an annually updated Handbook.

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Labor Law Poster

With our Labor Law Poster program, you will receive a Federal & State Labor Law Poster upon signing up and receive an updated poster annually on the anniversary of your sign up date. The burden of keeping up with changing laws just got easier as an e-mail will be sent out directly to your inbox from our Poster program service notifying you of recent laws, legislative and compliance changes.

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