Lunch & Learn Feb 8th 11am-1pm

05 Jan Lunch & Learn Feb 8th 11am-1pm

Best Practices When Implementing a Performance Evaluation Process and Why It’s Important to Your Bottom Line!  

There are a variety of common mistakes that supervisors make when evaluating employees. It is essential that you train your supervisors properly to avoid lawsuits and other problems.  Here are a few common ones:

  1.  Failure to use a simple rating scale—Supervisors place employees at the average often because it is the easy thing to do. The midpoint avoids the difficulty of making and justifying a more accurate assessment. Supervisors do not do anyone a favor by not using the rating scale accurately and completely.  When it comes to performance evaluations KEEP IT SIMPLE!
  2. Lack of comments—Meaningful and constructive comments and explanations are critical not only if an evaluation must be defended in court, but also for employee improvement.
  3. Not following through—Reviewers often do not follow through with suggested corrective action, decreasing the effectiveness of the performance evaluation.

There are many more common mistakes I’ll be covering in our complimentary Lunch & Learn on  Thursday, February 8th, 2018 11am-1pm at the Total HR Solution Headquarters 30 Sudbury Rd Acton, MA

We will be covering:
  • Top Reasons Why It’s Important to Evaluate
  • Areas of Risk
  • Best Practices
  • Performance Evaluation Templates

This Event is FREE, but seating is limited.  Register Now


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