How Hiring Based Just On Culture Can Backfire

15 Sep How Hiring Based Just On Culture Can Backfire

Although finding a cultural match is beneficial, sometimes desperately seeking individuals who align with the company culture can backfire.

Here’s why:

If the company promotes itself differently than how the culture really is, then prospective employees will be lured in under false pretenses. If employees realize that they’ve been sold on a company inaccurately, they will probably leave shortly after being hired and will lack the morale needed to succeed while they are still there.
People who are too similar to one another tend to lack the zest needed to be proactive. If your entire company is full of mediocre performers, no one will stand out to motivate others to work harder. Along these same lines, group think may set in.

Emphasizing a company culture can become a legal exposure with regard to compliance audits and discrimination accusations. If you do not hire someone based on the fact that they “did not fit in with your culture” but have no quantitative proof to back this up, your organization may be held liable for discrimination or failure to comply with equal hiring provisions.  If you are not sure or would like to learn more strategies on how to find the right hire, register for our complimentary webinar.  Wednesday, September 20th at 1pm-1:30pm ET.  Here is a link to register.


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